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Miss Eunice is the school's Owner and Director. She runs the TMP program full time, creates the curriculum, and evaluates children's development and performance.  


Miss Eunice is an avid sports player. Among her favorite are volleyball and badminton. She enjoys the outdoors and loves biking, hiking and camping. Exercise, dance, and healthy living is her passion and gives her the strength to run a smooth classroom









Miss Kat is one of our Assistant Teachers. As an Assistant Teacher, she loves working with children because it gives her an opportunity to help them grow and learn. She likes to travel and has lived in four different states which has allowed her to experience diversity. In her free time, she enjoys reading, photography, and writing stories. When not at Tiny Miracles, you may catch her at the beach! Aside from our students, she also cares for seventeen pets! 


Ms. Rhythm is the other Assistant Teacher at Tiny Miracles. She enjoys teaching children because they make her happy and make her laugh.

She is always excited to teach our curriculum in a fun and innovative manner every day!


When she's not at Tiny Miracles, you may find her at the gym, as she loves fitness! 

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